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About Us

Kazu is a self-care platform for people who care about wellness

Kazu™ is brought to you by Wellness Insight Technologies, Inc. Kazu is a self-care platform designed for consumers who prioritize wellness. Our platform is named Kazu because it embodies the essence of harmony and precision. In Japanese, Kazu means “amount” or can be a name meaning “harmony.” Meanwhile, in English, Kazu sounds like kazoo, a musical instrument on which anyone can play a tune. We chose the name Kazu because our platform precisely controls the amount of medicine and supplements it dispenses, giving you the ability to tune in exactly what you need. At Kazu, we believe that the harmony between technology and wellness is essential to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Wellness Insight Technologies, Inc. is a technology company bringing the connected-health revolution to natural medicines, dietary supplements, and beyond. The company’s next-generation technology provides a personalized user experience, including precision dosing, guidance, and social engagement. It’s IoT and AI-enabled approach offers sophisticated, self-monitoring care that addresses some of the biggest challenges facing health and wellness consumers. Founded in 2018, Wellness Insight Technologies is headquartered in San Jose, California.