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by Wellness Insight Technologies
defining the next era of self-care

In tune with you

In tune with you

There’s no one exactly like you, so why are you taking the same dose as everyone else? What should you take and how much? We created Kazu to deliver exactly what you require to meet your own unique needs. Starting with CBD and melatonin, we’ll be adding your other favorite natural medicines over time.

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What is Kazu

Beverage drops, Tinctures, Topicals and Inhalation

Kazu is a Bluetooth® device and smart pod system that works in concert with a mobile app. The pre-filled pods contain our proprietary blends of CBD, melatonin and other ingredients. Kazu combines your input with formulation properties and machine intelligence to deliver precise, personalized doses. And because people prefer to consume medicines and supplements in many ways, we offer a variety of pods that dose tinctures, beverage drops, topicals and even vapor!

Why Kazu


One-size-fits-all dosing doesn’t make sense. Size, weight, gender, age, metabolism, genetics, microbiome, and many more factors can cause medicines to affect us differently. And even the needs of the same person can change from day to day. That’s where Kazu comes in. By looking at what works for people like you and providing personalized dosing information, you can take exactly what you need for how you feel today!

Gummies only come in a few strengths

It’s convenient for manufacturers to sell just a few dose options, but that doesn’t allow you to tailor medicines to your unique needs. Kazu puts you in control and precisely dispenses exactly what you request so that you take just the right amount. No more under-dosing or paying for extra medicine that you don’t need!

Difficult to cut pills

Good luck trying to consistently get your personalized dose with existing solutions. Ever try to precisely and reliably cut a pill, or even worse, a gel cap? You can’t do it. Kazu makes this a problem of the past. Once you find the dose that works for you, save that dose to your favorites and replay it any time you need!

Kazu app automates journaling

With some medicines and supplements, it’s hard to know if you’re taking too much, too little or if they’re helping at all. You could start a journal and be diligent about logging doses and effects, but who has the time a patience to do that? Kazu automatically tracks your doses and reported outcomes so that you can more rapidly reach your wellness destination.


How can you be sure if a particular medicine or supplement is right for you? Are there enough studies showing efficacy? Is there more hype than substance? Sometimes, the best way to know is to leverage the feedback of people just like you. Kazu lets you explore how well different products and doses work for people who are most similar to you, giving you confidence based on real user experience. Think of it as crowdsourced health and wellness.


Who wants to run out at the wrong time? It can be hard to stay on top of keeping your stock up to date. Kazu dynamically projects how long your supply will last and helps you replenish when needed. It can even be configured to reorder automatically!

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Dennis Rasmussen

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Dennis brings over twenty years of design and high volume manufacturing experience in consumer electronics and medical devices, with over twenty five patents in both fields. As Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer, he was Ramon’s first hire at blu eCigs development team. Before working at blu, Dennis worked at Axis surgical designing medical devices including an RF ablation device for spinal surgery and an orthoscopic camera for knee surgery.

Chris Myles

Senior Systems Engineer

Chris is a maker. He’s created an extensive range of designs from high volume medical devices and consumer electronics to one-of-a-kind commissions and prototypes. With his diverse skill set and a Mechatronic Masters from Stanford, he’s created for Abbot, blu, LimeLab, AliveCor and many others.

Sterling Loro

Sales Development

Sterling has a diverse background in sales, business development, customer acquisition, distribution, and retail management. His decades of experience spans crafting global deals in the hyper-competitive consumer electronics supply chain segment (Natalex International and Akyumen Technologies) to hands-on retail manager and executive director of sales and distribution (Apex Solutions and Northstar Holistic Collective.)

Monica Joya


Monica is a strong engineering professional skilled in program management and product development of medical devices and consumer electronics. She has gained her experience in different industries, including in-vitro diagnostic medical devices at Intuity Medical Inc, pulmonary drug delivery systems at Alexza Pharmaceuticals, and hardware design at Hewlett-Packard. Monica has a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.


Electrical Engineer

Adam brings to the table a diverse experience in medical devices and consumer electronics. He has created electronics for, among other things, hospital beds, automated blood diagnostics machines, implantable tissue expanders, vaporizers, and surgical robots; at companies such as Hill-Rom, Abbott, blu, and Verb Surgical. He has a PhD in Life Sciences from Indiana State University, and a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Rick Conrey

Director of Software Development

Rick is a rockstar developer. He brings over a decade of experience in designing first-rate embedded systems, working on a broad range of products from resource constrained devices to large 7-passenger vehicles. He gained his experience in different industries, vaporizers at blu, electric vehicles at NIO, audio at Velodyne Acoustics, and more. Rick has also built desktop and full stack web apps, and holds an engineering degree from Santa Clara University.

Erika Alonso

CMO + Co-founder

Erika is a B2B2C marketer who has led global digital adoption from Startup Land to the Fortune 5.  She helped brands ‘think different’ at Apple, ran trade marketing for AOL, was CMO at a social-shopping startup, and co-founded Stairwell D (clients including NBC Universal, Discovery Inc, Estee Lauder Corp, and Admeld that later sold to Google.) Erika has a BFA from Parsons School of Design.

Ramon Alarcon

CEO + Founder

Ramon has a career history of innovation. He previously served as VP of Engineering and Technology at blu, an e-cigarette company. He took blu from infancy to e-cig market maker and global #1 brand. He led his team through two big tobacco acquisitions, 20+ product launches, and growth to $250M in annual sales. He also built its portfolio of 80+ patents. Ramon has played a pivotal role in defining a new industry, setting industry standards for high-volume e-cig manufacturing at a global scale, and provided the FDA expertise to help shape regulations. He previously worked in VR at NASA, a pre-IPO computer device startup, vehicle tech at Ford, and has engineering degrees from Stanford.Ramon is a member of a number of industry and standards organizations, including the Cannabis Manufacturing Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association and the UL Standards Technical Panel for e-cigarette battery safety.

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